Dogs can be upset by almost anything. As responsible doggy parents, we know bathing or brushing is essential for our dog’s well-being. But our pets don’t understand it and may end up throwing a tantrum. Some dogs may act out, while others may go with the flow but ensure that their owners know what they are feeling.

Much the same as children, dogs are not exactly fond of vet visits. But since it is important, dogs don’t have a choice. If you research online, there are many articles dedicated to teaching a dog owner how to keep their pets relaxed during a vet visit.

Although some dogs may cause a scene to a point where they would physically drag their owners out of the office, Carl, the Pitbull handles his tantrum with dignity.

In the video below, Carl can be seen whining while looking at his parents from time to time. Carl needs the vet visit after he injured his legs. His parents made sure that Carl religiously attends his health and follow up checkups, but Carl would not have any of it.

He made sure that his parents know what he is thinking, followed by the silent treatment. Watch the adorable video below how Carl ‘talked’ to his parents’ about the impending vet exam.

Source Rumble Viral via Youtube

The clip shows that dogs indeed have feelings. They don’t like vet clinics as much as humans do. That’s why it is important to teach our dogs how to relax during vet examinations. Teaching them tricks and bringing a lot of treats can help.

As mentioned earlier there are articles online that can help you keep your dog calm during a stressful event. ensured that Carl’s story is featured on their website for the world to see.


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