Puppies possess high levels of curiosity, just like a human child does. Whatever object or situation they encounter, they tend to investigate them in their unique way.

As such, it’s not a surprise to see an adorable Beagle pup eagerly watching a flock of ducks waddling across a narrow pathway. Though perhaps there’s nothing special with the scene, the puppy intently looks at it like it’s a mesmerizing duck parade.


In this video, one can see a cute Beagle puppy taking a look at its surroundings. As the pooch obediently sits behind the fence, a flock of Indian Runner ducks starts waddling their way onto the grassy pavement.

The excited pooch immediately stood up to take a better look at the birds. While the ducks continue on their merry way, the Beagle can’t help but wag its tail in delight at seeing a unique spectacle that day.

One by one, the ducks waddle along the grassy pavement. As each duck passes by, the excited pooch lunges at them, perhaps in an attempt to join the flock.

Mom, can I go with them?

However, as the pooch’s currently on a leash, he can’t fulfill his plans. With this, the pooch can only continue looking eagerly at the flock of ducks and wag his tail to show his eagerness.

The pooch’s actions did not escape the eyes of its fur mom. Seeing the Beagle in an excited state ultimately brought laughter to its mom, prompting her to allow the dog to continue watching.

As the ducks continue with their parade, the Beagle now focuses on watching them calmly. The pooch now stands still in a corner but doesn’t remove his eyes from the ducks.

It’s clear to see how the dog loves watching the ducks pass by. If you wish to take a look at the pooch’s ecstatic reaction at seeing a duck parade, click on the play button in the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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