Dog parents can’t get enough of their pets. They think the world of their canine companions. These dogs become the apple of their eyes.

Dog parents tend to become protective of their pets. Too protective that sometimes they forget these pets need to explore their surroundings also. Part of these pets’ mental development is being immersed in all kinds of stimuli from beyond their immediate environment.

The dog in our featured video is lucky in that regard. He goes by the name Key and he’s fortunate to have a mom who’s not afraid to let her beloved doggo venture out into the wild. Watch one of Key’s epic adventures in the video below.

In the video, Key gets to meet different kinds of animals in the wild. First, he comes close to wild horses. The horses graze while Key observes them from the other side of a picket fence.

At some point, one of the horses tries to intimidate Key. But our brave dog does not cower in fear. Instead, he mock-attacks the horse.

Actually, Key does not want to fight the horse. He wants to befriend it. But the horse is a bit standoffish.

After his horse encounter, Key gets to meet paddling ducks in a pond. Just like the horses, the ducks are standoffish, too. By this time, we can’t help but feel sorry for Key, who’s just trying to be friendly.

Key’s afternoon in the wild goes on. He meets a crow, a chipmunk, and a stray cat. They all try to ignore him.

The field trip’s highlight comes in open water. There Key gets to come close to a shiny seal. The dog merrily swims next to the humungous fish.

Unlike the previous animals he’d encountered, the seal in the water is friendlier to Key. That makes the dog happy.

Thanks to K’eyush The Stunt Dog


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