Events this month made everyone wonder if January was ever going to come to an end. From the bushfires in Australia to Kobe Bryant’s death, people thought things couldn’t get any worse. But it did.

Recently, the world learned about the coronavirus and the threat it has on humanity. Anyone contaminated had little chances of surviving, thus causing the WHO to urge the public to take safety precautions. Recent news reports also revealed that animals are also at risk of getting contaminated by the virus.

Special face masks for dogs

Dog owners searched far and wide to look for face masks for their pets. Some decided to do a little DIY and made masks that would fit their pets’ mouths. Others, on the other hand, went online to look for special face masks for dogs.

Those who went online chanced upon Zhou Tianxiao’s page, an online seller based in Beijing. He’s been selling special face masks for dogs for quite some time now. Tianxiao revealed that sales of these masks increased immensely in the past weeks.

Love in the time of the coronavirus

Prof. Li Lanjuan of China’s National Health Commission told pet owners that they need to be extra careful when taking care of their pets. According to Lanjuan, the virus can spread between mammals; that’s why extra caution is necessary. She also added that if pets encounter humans that have been contaminated with the virus, the dogs should be sent to quarantine.

When we’re faced with situations that put our health at risk, we tend to forget about our four-legged friends. This is why the efforts of the dog owners from China are commendable because they sought ways to care for their pets’ health. Perhaps this is one of the many things that we need to learn from this incident: in times of trouble, we need to make sure that we don’t leave anyone (or any pet) behind.

Credits to Daily Mail UK


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