Otto is probably the tiniest dog anyone could ever see. When Melissa took him under her foster care, the mini Pinscher-Chihuahua mix puppy weighed only about a pound. He was so small, and his front legs faced backward.

Melissa learned about Otto through a friend named Cynthia. She asked her if she’d be willing to take care of a 1-pounder puppy that needs to be syringe-fed every two hours. Despite knowing how challenging it could be, Melissa instantly said yes.

“It was shocking when I got him,” said Melissa. “He was microscopic. He was smaller than my hand.”

Melissa admits that caring for Otto isn’t easy. Making sure the little guy stayed alive and nourished is intimidating, she said. Nothing was ever the same. Every day was different for Otto.

The good thing is that Otto wanted to be a big boy. He worked up his confidence and started to move on his own. He learned how to get food and water without his foster mom’s help.

Otto did things on a trial-and-error basis. But once he realized he could be independent and that he could do so many things on his own, he became unstoppable. “His confidence went bananas,” said Melissa.

Otto never showed any sign that he is in pain. His legs aren’t broken either because he uses them. He loves to bounce around, and he thinks he’s bossing his foster dog siblings when he’s barking at them.

Melissa’s own dogs are way bigger than Otto. But the teeny tiny puppy thinks he’s the king of the world. And they let him think that way.

Otto doesn’t think he’s any different from the other dogs. His disability never slowed him down, not even for a bit. He looks different, but he is just like them.

“The tiny things that we achieve would be ridiculous for a bigger dog, but they were huge for Otto. He has a huge personality in a teeny tiny body.”

Credits to Prince Otto


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