Losing someone is perhaps one of the most excruciating pains that one can endure. It’s like being taken in a roller-coaster ride of various emotions from denial, guilt, grief before acceptance ultimately kicks in. It sure is not easy, but a fact of life that we all have to contend with.

Molly, a mom beagle, knows all too well this painful feeling after losing not one but an entire litter of puppies after they were born. Broken and deeply upset, her family had a hard time getting her back to her toes again. As her struggles to cope with her sorrow, something unexpected happened. She chanced upon a baby possum who was deserted by her mother. Call it maternal instincts, but the way the possum felt comfortable with Molly was nothing short of amazing.

Molly became fond of Poss (a name befitting for the little possum) in an instant, and the two has been inseparable since. She gladly allows her to climb on her back, latch on to her and carry her around as if she was her own. It’s undeniable how Poss felt so comfortable and proud of having a momma she can call her own. The two spends most of their time basking in the laid-back feel of the family’s cattle farm in Victoria. During days when Poss wants to be her usual self, she’d climb a tree to take a nap. Wherever she is, Molly sees to it that she’s around. She has become too protective of her youngster that she’d wait patiently under the tree until her baby comes down.

Poss is an auspicious little creature to have a mom who cares for her deeply. And Molly is just as pleased. It’s incredible how their unfortunate past was turned by fate around — finding each other to live lovingly and harmoniously despite being different species entirely.

Source: TheAnimalRescueSite







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