For many people, happy endings are the best part of any movie. It’s even better when it happens in real life. Two stray dogs have a fantastic story that is movie-worthy. They endured bouts of loneliness, the pain of separation, and ultimately broke the odds to find themselves in each other’s paws again.

Abby and Riley

Both dogs were strays that were separately picked up on the streets and sent to Adams County Pet Rescue. Abby and Riley formed a solid bond from the get-go. The staff at the shelter discovered the friendship of the two when Abby was regularly escaping her enclosure to go to Riley’s. Abby would scale the wall of her den and go beside her best friend. They were inseparable.

Sadly though, they soon were torn apart as Riley was adopted. The two dogs had widely different characters. Riley was more sociable and friendly to others and Abby was a complete opposite. She kept to herself and trusted only Riley. So it was painful for the two to be separated. Soon enough, with sufficient training, Abby opened up and became friendlier to humans. Enough that she too got adopted.

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After a few short months, Abby was returned to the shelter. Maybe it was a fortunate stroke of serendipity, but at that same time, the family that adopted Riley made the huge decision of taking another dog. They wanted Riley to have a playmate, so they searched for a rescue to adopt. They contacted several people, and news of their search came back to the Adams County Pet Rescue.


Who better to adopt as Riley’s new friend than a previously bonded dog? So they let them know that Abby has been returned and is available for adoption. The family saw this as fate and went to see Abby. The two finally see each other again. At first, the two dogs were just looking at one another, taking the time to reignite the flame between them. But soon enough, they rushed to each other and played like they used to. Now they live together in their forever home. There could be no happier ending than this.

Source: Animal Time TV via Youtube


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