Complete blindness could be totally life-changing even for animals, such as dogs. Not only it entails living a life in total darkness, but it will also become extremely challenging as well.

But unknown to most of us, there are hundreds of thousands of dogs each year that succumb to blindness, including strays. Imagine those poor blind dogs having to struggle for survival.

Duffy, an Irish Terrier rescue dog, was among those poor dogs who had to suffer from complete blindness. Although his diabetes has already been stabilized by his doctors, Duffy’s complete blindness was not something the doctors could prevent at that time.

Duffy, at that time, became so anxious for losing one of his precious senses, and as a result, he became reclusive.

But, despite Duffy’s hardships from his stray life and his complete blindness, he is still one lucky dog.

Not all blind people (and dogs) could qualify for eye surgery. But thankfully, Duffy made it to the shortlist and was eventually prepped for sight recovery.

Duffy was then taken to the Veterinary Referral Center in Pennsylvania and was operated on by Dr. Brady Beale.

And when the moment of truth finally came – the surgery was successful, and so did Duffy’s eye recovery! But that’s not all.

For the first time in months, Duffy will see his family again, and his reaction will surely melt your heart.

Here’s a short clip which was taken shortly after Duffy’s eyes were restored:

In the clip, Duffy was so happy that he wagged his tail non-stop, and cried out of joy so many times!

It surely was a moving scene. Thanks to the advancements of technology, Duffy’s family’s support, and Duffy’s resiliency and strength, his eyesight was restored.

We sure are happy for you, Duffy! Continue being a good boy, and live a happy life!

Source Benjamin May via Youtube


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