An Alaskan Malamute named Evo is seemingly trying to babysit his master’s baby boy in this very cute video. Evo has been beside Adam which is just 4 months old ever since he was born. It looks like a new friendship between dog and baby is being made.

Dogs do not see babies as a form of threat, in fact, they actually endear them as if they’re already part of the family. The Malamutes are actually very sociable breeds of dogs. They are incredibly gentle, kind, and cute dogs, this makes them perfect candidates as babysitters.

In the video, baby Adam is trying to sleep, he is adorable being guarded by his Alaskan Malamute during this moment. It’s as if Evo is acting as a mother to this baby boy, taking good care and protecting the cute little baby.

As baby Adam falls asleep, Evo does not take his eyes off the baby boy, he observes the sleeping baby and watches over him. We’ve got one great dog babysitter right here.

Although Alaskan Malamutes are really big dog breeds, they actually really kind and gentle dogs. These gentle giants are very fond of children, they get excited every time they see a new baby being brought home.

Babies are really cute and adorable, combine that with an equally adorable dog that’s trying to show affection and motherly love and you’ve got a video that can make almost anyone go “awwwe”. These two adorable rascals love spending time together, showing early signs of friendship.

Alaskan Malamutes are very fun and clumsy dogs, they always want to play with their owners and are really curious about the different things that are happening around them. They really don’t want to be alone and so that is why they always want to be in the company of others, mostly with babies.

Youtube via Rumble Viral


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