Dogs are a crucial component in the operations of the United States Armed Forces. It is estimated that there are over two thousand military dogs stationed worldwide, offering their services to the Army, Airforce, Navy, and the Marine Corps. They are commonly utilized for their uncanny smelling, so they detect drugs and explosives, and are used for search and rescue operations.

For military dogs that are used in war zones, their lives are in constant danger, alongside their human counterparts. Their service is invaluable in achieving the military’s goals. That is why they should be highly appreciated.

Rocky’s story

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A picture shared by the U.S. Army’s 89th Military Police Brigade on their Facebook page has gone viral because of the bravery of their two soldiers. Shown in the viral photo is Army Spc. Andrew Brown and his canine partner, Rocky, recovering side by side in the hospital.

The two sustained their injuries when they were investigating a compound in Afghanistan where they are stationed. An IED exploded while Rocky was sniffing around. Both received serious injuries from the blast and was rushed to a military hospital.

Thankfully, their injuries were not fatal. Aside from a broken leg, Rocky also had several shrapnel wounds. They both recovered well from the incident but required more surgeries. Specialist Brown returned to DC to his family while Rocky went to Germany for further treatments. Andrew hopes that when Rocky retires from military service, he and his family would be able to adopt him.

For their bravery and service, Rocky and Andrew received the Purple Heart, an award given to those who were injured or have perished in the line of duty. A photo of Rocky lying in the hospital bed with a Purple Heart award pinned to his collar has also gone viral. Hopefully, through Rocky’s story, military dogs would be more appreciated. See the video below for their story.

Source: TomoNews US via Youtube


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