Bentley was a rescued dog that stayed in a shelter for three years before he found a forever home. Apparently, the dog was the longest resident at the Pennsylvania SPCA. When staff members of the shelter posted some of his photos and videos on social media sites, nobody noticed him.

Bentley was rescued by PSPCA’s Law Enforcement Team in October 2016. Since then, he waited patiently in the shelter to meet a forever family. Fortunately, the staff members of the shelter were determined to help the dog get adopted.

Some dog lovers didn’t stop to share Bentley’s story on social media sites until a loving couple noticed him. The dog was sweet and loving, so he immediately created a good bonding with his new owners. Since Bentley stayed in the shelter for so long, he was extremely excited to live in a real home.

Although the shelter shared Bentley’s adorable photos many times, nobody attempted to adopt him. The staff organized “Tuesdays with Bentley.” This program aims to help the dog find his forever family by posting his photos and videos every Tuesday. Their efforts were paid off when the couple decided to adopt him.

After three years, Bentley got his long-term wish to meet his forever family. When the couple fetched him in the shelter, he was extremely happy. Their photos showed that they were all delighted and satisfied being together. The staff members of the shelter were relieved because the dog finally found his forever home.

The staff members of the shelter celebrated Bentley’s first day in his forever home; however, most of them were saddened when he left the shelter. Since the dog was a family member for them, they truly missed him. The dog’s presence always brings them joy and comfort whenever they get tired of doing work in the shelter. Definitely, Bentley will have the most comfortable life in his forever home because he has a loving family who will do everything to make him happy.

Credits to Pennsylvania SPCA


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