A vacation is one of the simplest yet most pleasurable moments in life. You get the opportunity to remove stress and expand your horizons. Travelling also strengthens the bonds between family and friends. It is even better when you take your dog along with you!

For dog owners, leaving your dog behind may cause some worries. You don’t know if they are cared for, and you think about them all the time. Bringing them with you removes all these stress, plus you get to make beautiful videos with them. Just like a Border Collie named Hero and his humans.

border collie, jump, water

Hero, the traveler

Hero embarked on a cross country trip all over North America with his family. This alone would seem like a natural trip, but Hero’s mom upped the ante by doing a video of every stop that they made. It’s not just a dog walking around tourist spots, their video featured Hero doing a wide variety of incredible tricks!

The clip starts with Hero getting into a suitcase, signifying the start of his trip. This follows with a series of fantastic footage of him doing tricks. You could see Hero jumping over her mom’s encircled arms. Then Hero walks backward gracefully in beautiful locations. This amazing dog shows his wide versatility and skills in the fast-paced footage.

What makes the video even more remarkable is watching Hero making new friends. You would see that he meets new people. Strangers that can’t help but smile at Hero’s antics. Hero also gets to hang out and play with other dogs, as well as other animals like goats, fishes, and even horses.

It is evident that Hero is truly happy with what he was doing. It definitely was an experience of a lifetime for both Hero and his family, and hopefully, more dog owners can have this opportunity with their beloved pets too.

Source: The Super Collies via Youtube


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