Jude is a French bulldog who’s quite a celebrity on Instagram. But at home, he’s just an ordinary, yet lovable family pet. One hot summer day, Jude’s mom brought him the ultimate present: a kiddie pool. His experience of using it for the first time is just plain adorable.

Jude, the French bulldog

Jude is a Frenchie who lives with his mom in the UK. Jude is quite a local celebrity. He has appeared on some ads and movies. He also has his own Instagram account with a whopping 30,000 followers.

When Jude is not working, he would be just chilling at home and spending quality time with humans. Since Jude lives in the UK where summers can get swelteringly hot at times, his thoughtful mom figured a great way to beat the heat. She bought home a kiddie pool, and Jude’s reaction using it was priceless.

Jude in the pool

The video starts with the kiddie pool all set up at the backyard. His mom has also filled up with water. Jude sat by his mom’s feet, waiting eagerly. As soon as his mom tells him he can jump into the pool, the Frenchie went bonkers and immediately jumped in and then out again, his feet barely got wet.

Jude makes another round of zapping from one end of the pool to the other end. He does this twice, quickly and energetically, before finally landing inside and really starts enjoying the water.

Jude’s eagerness and excitement were so hard to contain in the video that it won the hearts of the netizens. Imagine how this one-minute video got more than 15 million views. Jude’s happiness is too contagious that we can’t stop smiling throughout the video.

Indeed, pets like Jude have so much love to give that even their cute antics will make our hearts swell. This video also reminds us to find happiness even in little things, even if that meant just having a kiddie pool to chill in.

Watch Jude’s viral video below.

Thanks to Rumble Viral and Judethefrench.


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