We would see a lot of cyclists around, riding their bicycles together, forming a group. Being a cyclist surely looks fun and exciting. It’s an avenue for anyone to become fit and healthy and, at the same time, to meet new friends. But a group of cyclists became an inspiration to everyone when they helped get a dog out of a miserable situation.

A group of cyclists found a wretched dog in the woods with her neck tied to a tree. A picture was taken, and it showed how difficult the dog’s situation was. Her face was leaning on the tree and neck was tightly tied to the tree. The cyclist who rescued the dog couldn’t imagine how cruel the person was who did it to her.

There’s no way that the dog can free himself from being tied around the tree. The most difficult part was that her front legs were upright to keep her head steady and she must have been like that for hours or days already. The cyclists presumed she hadn’t eaten anything for a long time based from her narrow, skinny body with the rib cage sticking out.

The group decided to free the dog from being tied up, but they were cautious as well not to get bitten by her. First, they established trust with the dog by offering her food. A cyclist had cut the rope when the dog started to eat his meal. They freed the dog successfully without anyone getting hurt.

The video shared by the group was shared by the Spanish animal welfare group called Asociación Animalista Libera (Free Animal Association), and it became viral. They said in a statement, “It’s fortunate that a group of cyclists found that poor dog.” The animal welfare group checked out the whereabouts of the dog and found out she’s with the volunteer firefighters of Valongo and just waiting for a loving family to adopt her.

Ciclistas rescatan a un perro atado en el monte 🚴‍♂️❤️

Hace falta ser muy mala persona para abandonar así a un animal indefenso, con una cuerda que no le permitía ni tumbarse 🐶⛓️Tuvo la enorme suerte de que un grupo de ciclistas lo encontró y decidió rescatarlo 😍 ¡Mil gracias!📹 Nuno Rocha / Portugal

Posted by Asociación Animalista Libera on Sunday, December 9, 2018

Source: Facebook via ohmypup.com


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