Lucia always felt like a single mother of five. Most people would adopt a dog or a cat. This was not enough for her though, as she welcomed a dog, two cats, and two rats into her family.

Yes, all three species that are known to be enemies are now in one family because of Lucia. This was not her plan from the beginning, but this was how it turned out and it turned out well.

It all started when Lucia’s father passed away, and she thought of getting a dog to keep her company, and that’s when this beautiful rescue dog, Bishop came into her life. Bishop was abused and was used for breeding but Lucia thought that he was perfect. Both Lucia and Bishop were there for each other, and that really helped their healing.

Then came a cat named Doug who Lucia found in a highway. At first, she was concerned about Bishop’s reaction, but when she put them in a bed together, they just clicked. Doug loves playing with Bishop, and Bishop does not mind the attention. Simba, the other cat came, and so did the two rats.

Lucia did the same thing where she put all five of them in a bed, and they call just clicked. Lucia is studying to be a dog trainer, and she helps all of them become their best selves. Lucia said that she is never lonely with the five of them with her.

Whether they learn tricks or just have a lazy day, Lucia considers it a perfect moment as long as all six of them are together. She is very proud of them all, and they never give her a dull day.

All of them have different things that they love to do, but one thing that they do enjoy together is spending time with the woman who saved all of them.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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