It is always an adorable moment when animals get along with each other and socialize among themselves and more so if they belong to different species. One such newfound friendship originated between a young seal named Aayla and a Dachshund named Stanley. The precious encounter between the two animals shows that friendship cannot be contained in the boundaries of species and classes.

The owner of Stanley, Melanie Talbot, recently took the pooch to Cornwall. During their visit to Cornwall, the duo was also supposed to visit a seal sanctuary where Aayla permanently resides. Once they reached the sanctuary, It was not hard for Melanie to notice that there was an instant connection between the pooch and the seal. Melanie thought at that time that if there was such a thing as love at first sight, then the friendship that was brewing between the canine and the seal was just that.

The two animals kept on bopping their noses on the glass partition, and the first twenty minutes of their interaction just went by like that. At a glance, anyone would have easily believed that the pup and the seal were whispering to each other. The two creatures even posed perfectly adorably towards the cameras.

The two-year-old Dachshund was wearing a hooded jacket and amusingly, was looking quite similar to the seal in appearance.

Melanie was informed at the sanctuary that it was not the first time that the seal had befriended pet animals brought there. Georgina Shannon, the sanctuary’s marketing manager, told Melanie that the sanctuary was often sent photos from guests who had captured the seal interacting with their pet. But Georgina also said that the seal really seemed to like Stanley a lot, and there seemed to be a special connection between the two.

Aayla was welcomed to the sanctuary in July 2018 as a rescued seal while she had an injury on the right flipper and was also malnourished. Despite her condition, Aayla was still playful and friendly towards other seals at the sanctuary.

Image source: cherrycola888 via Instagram


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