Enriching our life with fun, affection, and entertainment, dogs are known to be a source of loyalty and love. They are often the reason why we are active even if our schedules don’t really allow us. They make us laugh with their antics and we cry with them when they’re sad or hurt.

But do you know that our dogs need entertainment and fun-filled recreation too? You see, dogs are not only loyal and loving but are also intelligent and social creatures, too. Sitting on the couch with you for a few hours each day is something a dog wants to do. But they also need to engage in a few other activities to keep them radiant and mentally stable.

Now, depending on the canine breed you have, you need to ensure that you have enough mentally stimulating games to keep them occupied. For breeds such as Collies and German Shepherds, you need to have a handful of productive games and training to keep them mentally and physically fit.

For smaller breeds such as the Chihuahua and pug, exercise needs tend to be a lot less. But, it doesn’t mean you can be lax with this or with any of their other needs. In this post, we have listed several signs that may prove your dog is likely bored and needs something to do.

Excessive chewing

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When dogs are bored, they develop destructive behaviors such as chewing. A shoe, furniture, clothes, the carpet – all these can be your dog’s chew toys. You must understand that a dog’s chewing is likened to humans curling on a sofa with a good book. This is their way of relaxing and passing time.


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This behavior can be destructive especially if you have a yard and a garden. This is especially true for owners who leave their pets alone outside for long periods. Now, dogs have a natural ability to search out prey, such as the case of a Terrier that may have heard moles under the grass. However, digging is usually the most common activity a dog develops once left outside with nothing else to do.

Attention-seeking behaviors

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Barking, pawing or whining are examples of attention-seeking behaviors that you may see in dogs that need affection and attention from their humans. Repeatedly bringing you a toy such as a ball for you to throw while you are trying to relax is another behavior that you need to watch out for.

Engaging in repetitive behaviors

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These are behaviors that we consider as mundane, and dogs keep on doing them for no apparent reason at all. For instance, pacing back and forth or chasing their tails relentlessly all point out to a dog with nothing else to do.

If you can’t stop your dog from doing these things, it’s time that you talked with your vet. However, if he only does these things when he doesn’t have anything to do, these means he just needs an outlet for his seemingly limitless energy.

If you notice your beloved canine companion showing any of the behaviors listed above, it’s time that you increased your pet’s mental and physical activities.




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